Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 112th Congress - Best Wishes From H.O.W.

While we at H.O.W. Media have made a conscious decision to stay away from various topics as smart business people, the whole purpose of H.O.W. Hip is to give you a feel for who the people are behind H.O.W. TV.  So I’m throwing caution to the wind (although it may get me in a little trouble with my partners) on this, the first day of our 112th Congress, I can’t help but notice a few things.

First of all, I hope that one day the polls show that we’re 98% independent, with other two falling wherever between the two parties.  Ours is a complicated world and does not lend itself to representative loyalty based on some 20+ year old definition of what makes a Republican, Democrat, Moderate, Conservative, Liberal, etc.  I mean, I’m sorry, but I think a lot of us can go through the “standard” definition of those labels and pick out principles with which we agree that are (supposedly) held by each one.  Regardless of which principles those are, how do we then align ourselves with entities that are supposed to govern our way of life.

As I watched the first female Speaker of the House pass the gavel, I could not help but think what a truly phenomenal thing former Speaker Pelosi accomplished. She managed to get that body to pass things that some thought impossible (whether I personally agreed with them or not).  I mean, have you ever watched C-Span and listened to those egos that we call legislators.  For a woman to be able to steer a body made up of those (mostly male) personalities with any sort of success is something that we women should be proud of, regardless of whether or not you agree with her politics. (I must admit, that I don’t agree with all of her politics and at times has thought she was nuts) I applaud her for what she’s done.

While I also don’t agree with all of Speaker Boehner’s politics, I sincerely hope that he meant the things he said yesterday.  It has grated on my nerves every since November 2nd, the hot air bellowers who wanted to label that election as repudiation of the current administration or any party.  We Americans are simply sick to death of the inability of our leaders to get their s*&^t together and at least move on even small things that would make a huge difference.  I don’t think any of us care what bloody “party label” they have, we just want them to be as effective and efficient as our bosses in life expect us to be when we’re at work.  I can’t even imagine how chopped up my resume would be if I were half as useless in the positions I’ve held as our government seems to have been in recent years.

To them I say – find things that you people can agree on that will help move this country forward and get them done. Here are just a couple of suggestions:
  • Can we really not agree that any school lunches provided by taxpayer dollars should be healthy. Let’s face it, a generation of fat, diabetic kids is not something that the American taxpayer should be creating.
  • Can we really not agree that anyone who risks their life to protect our country should get the best possible care of any kind without jumping through a bunch of hoops.
  • Can we really not agree that our taxation system should ensure that every single sole who uses any American service – be it roads, schools or whatever, contributes to the coffers? (Yeah I know this one is a little meatier than the other two – but goodness sake, what are we paying these people in the legislature to do?!)
They all espouse how important small business is, yet the health care legislation argued about so much is going to require small businesses to file 1099’s for everyone with whom they spend more than $600 per year.  Think about it…having to 1099® Office Depot, the parking garage, etc.…will we have to 1099 the post office?  We mail and ship a lot of stuff.  Not to mention that form 1099 is the only tax form that you have to buy! I mean, c’mon. I’m not knocking the health care legislation, I don’t know enough about it to think anything one way or the other, but for all of the “death panel” and other elements people spouted off about, did you hear anything about that?  Ask your dry cleaner, mechanic or hairdresser how much easier that’s going to make life for them.

I think the majority of us realize that with technology, terrorism and the environment of corporate greed that exists – everything about the way our government works needs to get out of the 19th century and lean into the 21st!  They apparently think that we’re so stupid, with such short memories that they can keep our eyes off of the systemic failings by filling the airwaves with scripted controversies and incessant finger-pointing.  Where I come from, far more time is spent in finding the solution to problem than sitting around figuring out who to blame for it.  I beg you all, participate in your government, write/call/e-mail your congressmen and senators when they’re not looking out for your interest.  Let them know that we are neither stupid nor sleeping – but are definitely not going to put up this.  Best wishes to you Speaker Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Reid and President Obama.  We all hope that you can live up to your words about working together to move America forward.

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